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Alien Labs was founded by Ted Lidie from Redding, California. He comes from a family of cannabis growers, so it's natural that he grew right into it as a career. In 2008, Lidie moved from Redding to San Francisco. During this time, all the cannabis sold in stores was in Ziploc bags with regular labels; however, he noticed that Cookies was growing in popularity with its recognizable branded blue bags. Lidie immediately saw that the future of cannabis would be in branding — not just growing great weed — and he wanted to be a part of that growth. About this epiphany, Lidie said, “I saw the writing on the wall, that this is just one place, but everywhere is going to be like this soon. That's where I started the idea of having a cannabis brand.”

In 2013, he took that idea back to Redding and created Alien Labs. In 2017, after years of building its reputation in the traditional market, Lidie moved into the legal cannabis space by partnering with Connected Cannabis Co. Now, in 2021, Alien Labs exists in both California and Arizona and is known for putting out some of the highest quality flower and most unique, never-before-experienced cultivars out there.

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