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Tony Magee, who founded Lagunitas in 1993, always said “It takes a lot of good weed to make great beer”. From the start time of our first brewery parties (4:20pm, ahem) to the ensuing Undercover Investigation Shut-down Ale that celebrated our brewery being shut-down for not selling weed (it’s a long story), Lagunitas has always found ways to bridge the gap between its two loves. In 2017, they found a way to literally bridge that gap with their friends and neighbors up-the-street at AbsoluteXtracts. Their first project, SuperCritical, resulted in two tasty innovations: a vape with hop terpenes and a beer brewed with cannabis terpenes. The latter, apparently, was illegal. Oops.

Now, Lagunitas and AbsoluteXtracts are dialing things up further, with Hi-Fi Sessions. A hoppy sparkling beverage— zero-calories, and zero-carbs—infused with the finest THC & CBD from locally-grown cannabis. The best of both worlds.

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