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Who says you have to roll your own? Not Phenotopia. We always stock an excellent preroll selection in our dispensary. Whether you’re a Santa Rosa local, just visiting, an experienced enthusiast, or a first-timer, Phenotopia is everyone’s favorite spot for prerolls. We’ve got Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD options in all your favorite strains and joints infused with hash, kief, rosin, live resin, moonrocks and even diamonds! Phenotopia has so many preroll options you might never buy a pack of papers again.  

The convenience prerolls offer is undeniable. Just pop one open and enjoy! No muss, no fuss. But don’t think that prerolls are all about convenience—they can also be a great way to sample new strains without having to commit to a whole 1/8th. So, for those of you who like to change it up frequently, prerolls are the perfect option.

And, of course, at Phenotopia, we only carry the highest quality prerolls. We’re located in Sonoma County, so we’re able to source our prerolls from some of the best cannabis growers in Northern California. This means that our prerolls are always fresh and packed with flavor.

Come discover the best prerolls in Santa Rosa at Phenotopia! We’re sure you’ll enjoy your experience.

The Best Cannabis Prerolls Available

Phenotopia rolls deep with the full Jeeter lineup of Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and infused prerolls. West Coast Cure and Stizzy pre-rolls are also excellent choices. Presidential and Heavy Hitters are masters of the infused pre-roll if you want your joint to pack a little extra punch. If you prefer sun-grown cannabis, check out Elyon and Lowell Farms prerolls. Whatever your preference, we’ve got the perfect preroll for you!

In addition to our regular selection of prerolls, we also always carry a selection of CBD prerolls. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that has a variety of potential health benefits. If you’re looking for a preroll that will relax your mind and body without making you feel high, CBD prerolls are a great option.

If you’re not sure which preroll is right for you, our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help. We can answer any questions you have and make recommendations based on your specific needs. So, don’t hesitate to ask! We welcome anyone looking to learn more about cannabis products and how to use them. Come experience the best prerolls Santa Rosa has to offer at Phenotopia today.

Pickup Your Prerolls from Phenotopia

Sometimes rolling a joint can be a hassle. Especially if you’re on the go. There’s the grinder, the tray, the papers, and those sticky fingers. Ugh. Prerolls do the work for you, you can take them on the road, and they can help with whatever you need. Whether it’s anxiety, sleep, pain relief, or a creative boost, Phenotopia carries a preroll just for you! Visit Phenotopia in Santa Rosa, or order online for pickup. Whatever’s convenient for you! We’re here to make your life easy.

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Great selection, friendly staff and very knowledgeable. Definitely recommend this place!

N. Lopez

Good vibes, amazing customer service, good prices, and a great layout.

K. Richardson

Great selection and good prices lots of deals! I would definitely check it out if your in the area.

R. Figueroa

An absolutely fantastic store. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. A wide variety of great products. Flower, tinctures, creams, oils and more. Great mids. Great top shelf. Great prices.

N. Carroll

This is an up and coming beautifully designed dispensary. It’s still getting settled in, but the staff are knowledgeable and friendly, and the deals are great.


Hidden gem. Amazing space and staff and great selection!!

T. Leyva

First time today with my partner. Very friendly staff and a large selection. You get a pretty good first time customer deal as well.

D. Seals